Rainwater harvesting for architects and specifiers

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Specifying rainwater harvesting at an early stage in the design process has many benefits for you and your client. Ecozi will provide personal assistance for specification details and advice at anytime during the planning and design process.

Early design consideration for rainwater harvesting has the benefit of:

  • favourable planning and building regs consideration in areas of flood risk and poor ground conditions
  • higher final assessment values for BRE and Code for Sustainable Homes standards
  • optimum placement of storage tanks and control units
  • incorporating rainwater harvesting system component .dwg and .xdf images into detailed plans

Details affecting the system specification or installation costs are:

  • tank loading – such as vehicular or landscape location
  • storage tank to control unit distance – should be as short as reasonably possible
  • ground conditions – ground water level and heavy soils such as clay
  • number of building occupants – both for residential and commercial developments

RWH regulatory issues

  • backflow prevention of non-potable water into the mains water supply – EN1717 or suitable WRAS air gap depending on fluid risk category
  • pipeline identification of non-potable water pipes according to WRAS guidance 9-02-05 to avoid cross contamination of pipe networks
  • building regs – storage vessel access must be lockable or mechanically fixed

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