Maintenance and service

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Maintenance of all manufacturers systems can be provided by Ecozi. Rainwater harvesting equipment is a control system and requires a good level of mechanical and electrical expertise to provide diagnosis and reliable repair.

Rainwater Harvesting

Commercial system maintenance and service

Ecozi offer maintenance and repairs for all manufacturers’ rain and grey water harvesting systems. Our staff have in depth knowledge of rainwater harvesting systems and the required training for all aspects of the system from tanks and drainage to filters, pumps and controls. Rainwater harvesting equipment is a control system, and for large commercial systems the complexity is likely to require a high level of experience for breakdown diagnostics. The following services are available from Ecozi:

Rainwater Harvesting

Emergency assistance

Telephone help is available to customers and advice is available to outline the ‘what to do options’ if you have a system failure and water is required urgently. Ecozi can enter a service level agreement for maximum response times to attend breakdowns or attend at short notice. For Ecozi supplied systems our service teams carry full spare parts inventory to ensure component availability on the 1st visit.

Rainwater Harvesting

Routine maintenance contracts

With installations throughout the UK, Ecozi can offer competitive fixed price maintenance contracts for 6 or 12 monthly visits with discounts available for longer term contracts. The system efficiency (maximizing use of rainwater) is dependent upon clean filters in the system, each system will have at least one filter.

Rainwater Harvesting

Long term maintenance

Tank cleaning, modifications and efficiency improvements are additional services available as your system matures. The main storage tank will require draining and internal cleaning every 7 – 10 years. Ecozi can provide tank cleaning services with all staff approved for confined space work. Tank cleaning may be required after initial construction work is complete, if the water has become contaminated or excessive debris has entered the drains or man hole access.

Rainwater Harvesting

Residential system maintenance and service

Residential systems are often simpler than commercial systems and can usually be self-maintained. To maximize efficiency the gravity filter requires cleaning at least twice a year (depending on curtilage). The home occupants should always be on the lookout for possible system leaks or excessive pump operation – both potential indicators of future problems.