Rainwater harvesting for commercial buildings

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The quickest ROI can often be achieved for commercial rainwater harvesting systems. The generally larger roof areas and high volume non-drinking water applications provide an excellent opportunity to increase your businesses environmental strategy and make sound financial savings. ROI for equipment costs can be less than 3 years.

Common commercial buildings and applications that benefit from rainwater harvesting are:

  • equestrian and veterinary centres – washdown and toilets
  • distribution centres – vehicle washing and toilets
  • manufacturing – non-critical water use for process cleaning and toilets
  • office buildings – toilets and landscape irrigation
  • schools, colleges, universities and local government buildings – toilets and landscape irrigation
  • community centres and village halls– toilets and landscape irrigation

The system architecture is similar to other sectors except with higher pumping pressures and larger storage tanks. The rain water storage tanks are usually sized slightly larger than for residential applications due to the higher turnover of water.

Ecozi will make all the necessary calculations for you and recommend an appropriate system using industry best practice experience.

Grants and Incentives

HM Revenue and Customs have approved rainwater harvesting components for qualification on the enhanced capital allowance scheme (ECA) introduced by the Finance Act 2003. Ecozi has many system components approved for the scheme which means you can benefit from the scheme outlined below

The Key Features of the Scheme

  • All businesses are now able to claim enhanced capital allowances, regardless of size, industrial or commercial sector or location
  • Enhanced capital allowances permit the full cost of the investment in specified technologies to be relieved for tax purposes against taxable income of the period of the investment
  • The qualifying technologies will have to meet defined water saving criteria. They will be published in a List, and the criteria will be reviewed on an annual basis
  • There are no territorial restrictions on manufacturers wishing to place their products on the list or the source of products
  • Only investments in new and unused plant and machinery can qualify

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“The precast concrete rainwater tank supplied by Ecozi was installed by the HIAB truck in just over 1 hour.  We incurred no additional lifting costs nor concrete backfill charges.  The tank was pre-fitted with a non-return valve and siphon overflow.  The filter even came pre-packaged in a small concrete chamber that requires just simple external drain pipe connections.”

Stuart Bell, Project Manager
MITIE Engineering Services