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Our standard tank materials are polypropylene, polyethylene or precast concrete depending on site conditions, capacity and client preference. The capacity of the rain water tank for your application depends on the roof area, rainfall and the number of occupants in the building.

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Ecozi rainwater  tanks enable

  • no onsite concrete pour that can save several thousand pounds in materials alone for large installations when compared to GRP tanks
  • bedding on pea gravel or sand with no concrete base required
  • backfill with clean excavated material
  • precast concrete tanks to be craned into the final position by the delivery truck
  • fast onsite installation from maximum pre-assembly before shipping
  • maximum water quality
  • a calmed inlet where the filtered water enters from just above the bottom via a pipe inside the tank. This process provides aerated water to the store without splashing and disturbing the surface water that may have floating organic matter and avoids disturbing the long term solid particle sediment build up at the bottom of the tank
  • the excess water overflows via a skimmer effect that also removes the organic surface layer through a siphon and high water level slots
  • vertical cylinders or parallel sided shapes to provide optimum storage conditions and allow maximum surface area for the organic material that floats and is removed at time of overflow via the skimmer
  • a guided suction float and intake with one-way valve to extract the cleanest water from just below the surface and always from the centre of the tank
  • a suitable access provision usually by a manhole with appropriate cover


Above or Below Ground?

If you want the highest most reliable supply of rainwater then below ground storage is for you. The water is not degraded by ultra-violet light and the temperature is very stable at 6-8°C. Combined with the mechanical pre-filtration these two factors are enough to prevent the survival of micro organism. If the tank is correctly sized the result is high quality odourless and colourless water suitable for personal laundry without further conditioning. Underground tanks provide the best aesthetic solution too.

Above ground tanks usually provide a lower overall installation cost but the reliability and quality of the water is not as high as underground storage. Frost protection in winter and water temperature fluctuation in the summer may lead to potential supply problems.

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"We like German built products as they are good at detailed design. We’re very pleased we chose Ecozi - as were our builders.  The system came pre-assembled and proved easy to install."

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