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Rainwater harvesting filtration is a three stage process throughout the whole system. The highest quality water from the best systems is, however, a combination of the filtration, storage environment, tank form and filling and extraction process of the tank.

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The three stages at which the rain water is mechanically filtered are:

  • pre-filtering of roof debris before the storage tank
  • skimming of floating organic material from the tank surface at time of overflow
  • extracting the cleanest water from just below the storage tank surface level in a controlled and precise manner

Filters for roof areas up to 300m² can be incorporated into the rain water tank for simplified and lower cost installation. Larger roof areas use filters set in the ground before the tank either, self contained or, located in standard sized precast concrete rings creating a chamber. All filters are self cleaning stainless steel sieve type with mesh sizes down to 0.2mm².

Acceptable applications of mechanically filtered rainwater are:

  • toilet flushing
  • laundry
  • garden and landscape irrigation
  • vehicular cleaning
  • general cleaning
  • animal wash down

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