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Rainwater Harvesting Installation on same site for Ecozi

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) building at Newport joins the Office for National Statistics at the same site with a recycled water system for WC flushing.  Both systems have been supplied and installed by Ecozi in two phases during the last three years.  The campus site collects surface and ground water in an existing 200,000L sump.  Previously pumped off-site to the river Usk, some of the water is now recycled to WCs as part of the phase II retrofit scheme.  The IPO building opened in 1991 and is home to 1,500 staff.  Ecozi were employed on a supply, install and maintain basis with out of hour’s works for all activity in the plant room.

Ecozi wins the contract at Staines Preparatory School

A new build multi-functional hall and class buildings at Staines Preparatory School opens with Ecozi rainwater harvesting supplying 12 WCs.  A pre-tank filter and 15,000L underground tank collect rainwater from the new 1,000m² roof area.  The pressurized system then pumps rainwater on demand to the WCs in the new building.  Ecozi were selected by The Construction Partnership after suggesting an alternative single storage tank instead of the initial 4 smaller tanks joined together at low level onsite.  Ecozi were also able to provide a pre-tank leaf filter with only 225mm invert loss assisting greatly with the drainage design.

New Primary School in Cambridge open with Rainwater Harvesting

Trumpington primary school in Cambridge has been built with a full Ecozi rainwater harvesting system serving 34 WCs.  The new school built by Willmott Dixon will serve the new and future community of Trumpington Meadows.  A pre-tank filter installed upstream of an underground rainwater storage tank captures rain from the buildings 1,200m² roof area.  A rain manager with frequency controlled pumps is used to distribute the rainwater on demand to all WCs.  Mainswater back up is provided to the rain manager break tank providing efficient use of make-up water.  Ecozi rain manager solutions provide contractor benefits of fast and simple installation and end-user benefits of a single system point for diagnostics in the event of breakdown or routine servicing.

Rainwater Harvesting incorporated in new BMW Mini Building

The BMW Mini factory at Oxford expands production capacity in a new building with Ecozi rainwater harvesting.  The new building will increase production capacity of Mini variants and improve environmental performance at the same time.  WCs in the building will flush using rainwater captured from part of the roof area. A 6,000m² roof area is drained to a 200,000L above ground dual purpose storage tank. The tank is split into stored rainwater and attenuation functions. 20,000L of stored water will be used to flush WCs after it is filtered. The rainwater is pumped from a HyproDuo rain manager supplied by Ecozi switching to mainswater during time of low rainfall.

Ecozi wins the contract at the FA's prestigious new National Football Centre

The Football Association’s new national football centre in Burton upon Trent opened in October, utilising Ecozi rainwater harvesting to flush WCs. The sports medicine and science building which provides facilities to support the 12 full-size pitches with training, fitness and medical services recycles rainwater captured from the roof, stored underground then reused for WC flushing . The advanced HyproDuo rain manager supplied by Ecozi provides boosted rainwater with automatic switchover to mainswater during periods of high demand. The full-size indoor pitch has a roof area of 10,000m² alone and the total building area is almost 16,000m². Through the use of rainwater harvesting the complex is estimated to reduce WC flushing by up to 50%.

PCT Health Centres open with Ecozi Rainwater Harvesting

Two new PCT health centres at Valkyrie and North Road in Southend on Sea have been built with Ecozi rainwater harvesting systems. The rainwater captured from the roof is stored in 12,000L underground tanks and used for irrigation of the site with automatic mainswater backup for use in periods of high demand or low rainfall. Both health centres are built with the same system enabling common maintenance and simplified management.

Community Sports Pavilion flushes toilets with rainwater in Alton

Finnimore Pavilion, built as a replacement to a previous community facility is the largest project Alton Town Council has managed for several decades. The new pavilion in Anstey Park will provide groundsman, changing and social facilities to sports club members. The toilets are flushed with rainwater stored in a 10,000L buried tank then pumped direct to the WCs upon demand. The rainwater is filtered before entering the tank reducing maintenance to just a few minutes, twice a year cleaning the leaf filter.

Ecozi supply another system to Prologis

Central Park, Phase II at Rugby, a Prologis commercial business park will have 4 units constructed to BREEAM Very Good accreditation. Unit 2, to be occupied by Quartzelec has been supplied with an Ecozi rainwater harvesting system. The 25,000L tank will service the office building WCs via a high level gravity header tank. Ecozi has assisted Prologis with rainwater harvesting systems at several developments where key requirements have been value engineered solutions utilizing the vast roof areas and high eves of many industrial buildings.

Low carbon training college opens with Ecozi rainwater harvesting

The SmartLIFE Low Carbon building in Cambridge collects rainwater from the building’s roof and reuses it for WC flushing. The new training building, funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge Regional College provides training in low carbon technologies required for future, sustainable built environments. Ecozi supplied a PowerTwin rain manager, located in the plant room and a pre-tank leak filter buried upstream of the main storage tank. The direct system provides rainwater to WCs and switches to mainswater at times of low rainfall.

Eco friendly car washing at Toyota dealership

Ecozi Jemca Group selected Ecozi to supply a rainwater harvesting system for their latest Toyota dealership at Enfield. The underground 15,000L tank, with a pre-tank filter, will provide rainwater for vehicle washing in the valet area. Complete with mainswater backup and fine particle filtration the system is designed for year round operation. The soft nature of the rainwater will reduce the use of detergents and provide benefits through the recycling of water.

Ecozi wins another contract to supply a rainwater system to a Tesco store

The Tesco’s latest new store in Newport opened in November with Ecozi rainwater harvesting providing water to all WCs. This second generation store incorporates an above ground tank collecting rainwater from part of the roof and a plant room located rain manager to distribute water to WCs. The rainwater is filtered before entering the sectional GRP tank and mainswater is fed into the rooftop located plant room rain manager. It is estimated the store will save 675,000L of mainswater, which is a saving of £1,500 a year.

Rainwater Harvesting incorporated in new mosque

The Ashton Central Mosque completed in October incorporates advanced Ecozi rainwater technology for water recycling used for WC flushing. The 20,000L underground tank collects water from 1,500m² roof area of the new mosque. With a peak demand of up to 2,000 users in 1 hour the high flow system incorporates a rain manager located in the basement plant room. The rainwater is filtered before entering the tank then pumped to the plant room rain manager, before final distribution to the WCs. The mosque awarded BREEAM Excellent status was built by GallifordTry and is expected to save up to 810,000L of mainswater, which is a saving of £1,800 a year.

Ecozi wins another contract to supply a rainwater system at a wind farm

Ecozi recently shipped a rainwater harvesting system to Lower Spinney wind farm near Lutterworth. Lower Spinney is the ninth wind farm Ecozi has supplied up and down the UK. The substation and control room, often remotely located without a feasible mainswater supply, utilize rainwater harvesting for WC flushing and wash hand basin applications. The intermittently manned substation requires welfare facilities and rainwater harvesting provides the lowest cost solution for a water supply. The 3,000L underground tank and associated system incorporates low maintenance features such as an auto backwash in-tank filter and tank contents gauge.

Rainwater Harvesting incorporated in new primary school

Another primary school project has selected Ecozi as the rainwater harvesting system supplier to help meet the BREEAM accreditation. Highwood primary school near Watford is under construction as a single form entry school with nursery and provision for future expansion. The 20,000L GRP tank and HyproDuo rain manager system will provide an easy to install and maintain system. When open in January 2012 the pupils will be able to see the rainwater savings on a display panel supplied by Ecozi.

BBC TV cameras have rolled for a restoration project at Calverton Manor, Calverton

The manor house restoration project specified Ecozi rainwater harvesting, the client having experienced Ecozi systems in a prior barn conversion. Two rainwater systems were installed; a 6,000L tank for WC flushing and a 3,500L tank for irrigation. The 6,000L tank uses an advanced control system with a pump-in-tank, but a direct, pump connected mainswater feed to provide full flexibility and benefits of a rain manager type solution. The mainswater backup is fully compliant with water regulations. The 3,500L irrigation tank is topped up by a well pump and provides unlimited water to bib taps. The manor house and others will appear on the Restoration Home program aired on BBC2.

Cockermouth Extra Care Home - Rainwater Harvesting

Another precast concrete tank supplied by Ecozi has been installed in record time at a new 68 room care home under construction by G&J Seddon at Cockermouth. The 23,000L tank was HIAB’d into final position by the delivery truck. Using these tanks eliminates extra craneage cost and the tank requires no concrete base or backfill. Compared to a GRP tank alternative the saving in installation cost is approximately £3,500. It took just 80 minutes from when the delivery truck pulled up to placement in the final position. More information about this project.

Roger McEvoy, Director at Ecozi said:

“Ecozi always uses precast tanks for commercial projects. They allow Ecozi to offer the best-in-class rainwater harvesting solutions, similar to the advanced German market where concrete tanks are common place. Ecozi rainwater harvesting systems utilising precast tanks and factory built control appliances require a full system evaluation to appreciate the cost savings Ecozi bring to a project. Savings compared to traditional systems amount to several thousand pounds by eliminating a concrete base and backfill, craneage, civils design and time to install. Ecozi control appliances require only piping hook-ups at first fix and are usually shipped later in the project cycle.”

Retrofit rainwater harvesting system at the Office for National Statistics in Newport

Ecozi has completed the supply and installation of a retrofit rainwater harvesting system at the ONS (Office for National Statistics) in Newport. The system comprises of two HyproDuo factory built, hybrid control appliances. The HyproDuo provides flexible operation with the two units sharing the buildings demand and providing mainswater operation without using the underground storage sump. This retrofit project was ideal for RWH as the buildings infrastructure has an existing 80,000L rainwater sump under the pumphouse. Until now all rainwater was pumped 500m offsite to the river Ebbw. The large storage capacity, high rainfall and 8,000m2 roof area are anticipated to provide 90% of the annual requirements of WC flushing for 1,600 staff. The installation contract required Ecozi to install a new 3 phase power circuit, clean the existing 6m deep storage sump and fit new ultrasonic level gauges to the pump controls to optimize the water level in the sump for maximum reuse.

Rainwater Harvesting incorporated in new primary school

Ecozi, a leading supplier of rainwater harvesting systems recently commissioned an advanced system at the new North Road Primary School in Darlington. The school, built to the highest environmental standards incorporates a 10,000L tank, with all components pre-installed. In the plant room is a HyproDuo rainwater management appliance with booster pumps. Just two items were shipped to site for local hook-up by the M&E services contractor with final commissioning by Ecozi. The hybrid system allows for flexible operation with no system critical components located in the tank facilitating safer and simpler long term maintenance.

New Product - Maintenance free automatic filter spray

Ecozi has launched an optional automatic filter spray which eliminates regular filter maintenance. The amount of rainwater collected in the tank depends on how clean the filter is. Installing this automatic filter cleaning option maximises the amount of rainwater your tank will collect. The automatic filter spray is available on two sizes of filter up to roof areas of 450m2. This option is available on all ecozi control units, the automatic filter spray operates every 28 days by spraying high pressure rainwater for 3 minutes onto the filter mesh.

Ecozi awarded contract for a grey and rainwater system at new sixth form

Ecozi has recently been awarded a contract for combined grey and rainwater system for a new Sixth Form at Lowestoft. The new building, to be built by Morgan Sindall, will filter water from showers and hand basins down to 5 microns using membrane technology and aeration. The greywater will be stored in underground tanks and combined with rainwater for re-use in the building's WCs. When the building opens in September 2011, the combined grey and rainwater system, will help to achieve an excellent BREAM rating.

Ecozi rainwater systems are chosen by George Martin, a leading UK authority in sustainability

An Ecozi 3,500L polypropylene tank was installed under the rear garden with a sand base and backfill. A Rewamat control system with a submersible pump was used due to the distance from plant room to tank. The unique feature of the Rewamat is the mains water backup which uses only the minimum amount of mains water required during low rainfall. All other systems offering a pump in tank design feed mains water into the tank reducing the efficiency and payback. Head of sustainable development at Willmott Dixon, George used his industry skills to remodel a rundown cottage and create a very efficient home successfully integrating new technology into an old building.

Ecozi has launched an optional automatic filter spray which eliminates regular filter maintenance.a

The amount of rainwater collected in the tank depends on how clean the filter is. Installing this automatic filter cleaning option maximises the amount of rainwater your tank will collect. The automatic filter spray is available on two sizes of filter up to roof areas of 450m2. This option is available on all ecozi control units, the automatic filter spray operates every 28 days by spraying high pressure rainwater for 3 minutes onto the filter mesh.